Auto Log-Out Time

Prevent users from accessing other user accounts but setting an auto logout time.

Multi / Shared Cash Drawer

Share a cash drawer with multiple users on one terminal or assign multiple cash drawers to one terminal.

Terminal Groups

Share a cash drawer with mulitple terminals. Only one Shift Close report will be printed at the end of a shift.

Ease of Use

Convenient to use and easy to learn for owners, managers and employees. No computer or IT skills is required!

Fully Customisable

i-Laundry is designed to cater all types of businesses. Create custom payment types, services, buttons, attributes etc. and operate you system in any currency

Trading Hours & Holidays

Add surcharges on specific days and prevent due dates from being set outside of operating hours.

Email & SMS Notifications

Automatically notify your customers their items are ready or even when the order was received for paperless transactions.

Automatic Reminders

Remind customers when their garments remain uncollected for a specified period or thank them for visiting that day and keep them thinking about you.

Multiple Price Lists

Create or Import mulitple price lists for different customer types.

Tax Rates

Include or exclude tax for a customer profile or offer tex exemption to specified customers.

Communication & Feedback

Communicate or handle feedback from your customers with Email to SMS.

Customer Notes

Add customer specific notes to inform employees when capturing an order.


Item & Weight Control

Suitable for both laundry and dry cleaning businesses.


Option to accept partial and full deposit on received sales orders.

Service Attributes

Built-in or custom attributes like colors, brand, patterns with an optional surcharge.

Garment Photos

Upload photos of garments to keep track of garment condition and stains.

Order & Item Discounts / Surcharges

Create pre-defined or on-the-fly discounts and surcharges.

Order & Item Notes

Create pre-defined or on-the-fly discounts and surcharges.

Rail Position

Assign a rail position or shelf location when the garment is marked ready for collection.


Create custom release forms that will print on the sales orders for the customer to sign.


Staff Tracking

Monitor staff activity, edits, logins and attendance to assist with payroll and training.

User Access Control

Prevent employees from gaining access to sensitive business data.

Employee Performance

Track an employees production over a period of time.

Payout Tracking

Track payouts from cash drawer for better monitoring and cash up.

Shift Close

Our Shift Close Reports ensure the correct amounts at the end of a shift.

Data Export

Easily export all reports to excel or PDF.


SMS Marketing

Send promotional messages targeting specific groups of customers.

Sales Leads

Identiy which of your marketing campaigns are working by gathering information as to what has brought the people to your door.

Loyalty Partners

Track the spend of organisations to promote your business and then to pay them a % commission for this.


User Roles & Functions

Create users with different levels of access and create custom users roles.


Program users' fingerprints and disable PIN numbers for better user access control.

Transaction Audit

Each action is assigned to a staff account user, allowing you to track activity and mistakes.

Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive

Backup your business data to Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive as often as you like.


Corporate Invoicing

Create corporate / business accounts with multiple sub-customers.

Inter-Branch Tracking

Track orders between production points and depots.

Inventory Management

Monitor stock used for services (Soles, detergent etc.)


Easily sync your store's data with Pastel or Sage One.


Offsite Backups

Backup your store's and your customer's data in the cloud which can be restored by a click of a button.


Touch Screen Support

Designed for touch screens, i-Laundry places Dry Cleaning and Laundry Management at your fingertips. i-Laundry is user-friendly, fast and easy to learn.

Thermal Receipt Printers

i-Laundry supports thermal receipt printing for capturing and invoicing orders with your branding. See our list of preferred printers here.

Tag Printers

Automatically print tags with the customer, order details and barcodes for each garment received. The paper used is "waterproof" to ensure durability throughout the washing and dry cleaning processes.

Laser Printers

Print detailed reports or corporate statements and invoices with your branding. See our list of preferred printers here.

Label Printers

Neatly label bagged or boxed garments when they are ready for collection. See our list of preferred printers here.

Barcode Scanners

Easily find orders and/or items by scanning sales order and/or tags with barcode scanners. See a list of our preferred peripherals here


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