Frequently Asked Questions

Take a browse through our most frequently asked questions to learn more about what we offer and how to make the most of your i-Laundry experience!


i-Laundry is highly functional and flexible. Even though the business model is similar through the industry, dry-cleaners are like fingerprints as they each can be very unique. i-Laundry was developed in a industrial laundry & dry-cleaning plant and we have spent thousands of hours working hands on with dry-cleaners in a multitude of different business topologies and will this expertise to customize your software during setup by selecting options that are specific to your needs. Simple things like sending your clients an e-mail or SMS when their orders are ready for collection or reminding them through the same at 30 or 60 days that their orders have not been collected.

What does i-Laundry offer?
  • Customised text message and/or e-mail to customers informing them when their order are ready.
  • Customised text message and/or e-mail to customers informing them when their garments have remained uncollected for 30/60 and 90 days.
  • Customised reward system for customers.
  • Integrated, online, real time credit card processing facility.
  • The ability to service corporate customers like hotels.
  • Easy to use touch screen based point of sale system.
  • The ability to use multiple cash drawers on one terminal.
Is i-Laundry intuitive?

i-Laundry is very intuitive; you will find the system makes use of everyday terminology. We have tried to make it as simple as possible and have tried to not leave anything to the imagination.

Is the software stable?

i-Laundry is built on the latest .net4 technology from Microsoft and the database used is SQL2014. This makes it incredibly portable and stable and we can easily connect many stores together using an Internet connection. Having data replication and the ability to connect multiple stores together sets us apart from most other software providers on the market today.

How does i-Laundry benefit head office or franchise companies?

i-Laundry is built on the .net framework using a SQL database, this allows data to be exported and transported with the greatest of ease as it is already in small manageable blocks; all of of the information in the database, some real time and the rest at end of day are automatically exported from the store database and imported into the head office database with no human intervention. Management can thus get daily updates of exactly what has happened in all stores and the company as a whole by the press of a button and without the need to make hundreds of phone calls.

Does i-Laundry track garments between stores and production points?

Yes, i-Laundry has developed a real time, integrated, online tracking system that is used to effectively track all orders that leave a dry store for the production point and back again, thus giving management the peace of mind in knowing that all items the leave the dry store are checked when they arrive at the production point and vice versa.

How do I get Updates?

Updates are easily downloaded from the internet.

Is it easy to learn and operate by my employees?

One of the mandates the programmers of i-Laundry had was to "Make it simple", thus the learning curve for your employees is very small and quite quickly, most employees will have a good foundation for the basics. Then over time they will steadily build on that knowledge and in only a couple of weeks will require little if any assistance. Honestly, after a month, questions and queries from our customers are few and far between.

Is it comprehensive enough for my management needs?
  • Reporting is where i-Laundry comes into its own, we have many standard reports that can be run by selecting different sorting criteria; should you not find what you are looking for, you can use our propriety report generator to create custom reports you may require. You can run these as once off queries or save and deploy them to your stores for continuous use if you so choose.
  • Pricelists and customer profiles can easily be manipulated and you can assign settings tailored for groups of customers by assigning them to different, customised customer profiles; these determine the behaviour of groups of customers, like how the invoices and tags will look.
  • It also allows for up-charges and whether they are allowed or disabled. There are actually just too many options to list here.
What if I have multiple stores? Can I connect those stores together?

Using the .net framework & the way i-Laundry is designed, we can have your stores automatically connect to your server and upload information from the stores. Alternatively a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be set up between your production plant and the dry stores and these then merely become extensions of your existing network; this is however dependant on high speed internet connections between the stores. Should you have more than one store, but not have the necessary funding or expertise to setup your own centralised server environment, you can subscribe to our hosting services and we will gladly host your centralised database for you.

Does i-Laundry facilitate online, real-time Credit Card Processing?

i-Laundry does not currently offer this option, but we are working at setting up partnerships to offer our clients the ability to interface with many different 3rd party credit card merchants, this should be available in very near future.

How do you handle service and support? How long does it take?

We pride ourselves on our Service and Support, when I say thousands of our hours, I truly mean that; we spend practically every week of the year on-site in a dry-cleaner or laundry and therefore know what it takes to make it as painless as possible and work for you. i-Laundry has a comprehensive knowledgebase that should answer most of your queries, but in the event that it does not, you can email us at [email protected] and a technician will get back to you as soon as possible; finally, should you still not come right, we have a support desk that you can call for one-on-one support with a technician.

How does i-Laundry eliminate theft?
  • Every transaction is recorded against the employee.
  • We track all movements on the system, like Drop of, Pick up, Invoice Edits, Voids, Refunds etc.
  • We provide a number of Reports that can alert you of possible security issues.
  • There is an electronic journal that tracks every transaction.
  • Using daily, weekly or monthly stock takes that can be done and using exception or discrepancy reports you will quickly and easily pickup any stock issues that may arise.
  • Through the use of biometric readers (fingerprint scanners) each employee is responsible for every movement on the system done by them as they can no longer blame it on lost cards or codes.