At i-Laundry, we are serious about our customers and their satisfaction; it is thus only natural that we extend this to the service and support we offer. We back every system with extensive on-line product and technical information to make it easy for every user to quickly find the help they need.

Online Knowledgebase

Our extensive online database is an ever-growing collection of questions and answers and should answer most questions; should it however be a question not asked before, this will be forwarded to a technician that will reply to you via e-mail and also publish it to the website. You can also set up an “Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed from the knowledgebase and will be kept up to date with any questions asked by others and the answers given.


Remote Support

If the need arises where you require help from a technician, we are able to quickly and easilly access your system remotely. Please use the following link to access our remote support program and click on run when prompted; we will then be able to access your system, bypassing any firewalls. The system we use is extremely safe and private. You, the client initiate the communication and we are not able to access your system after the session has ended as the connection gets terminated and no files are left on your system.

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