i-Laundry Garment Tracking

IGT (formally called webtracker) is a logistic tool that is integrated into i-Laundry and is used to track garments between multiple locations. It is primarily used by customers that have multiple stores that ship their client's garments to a central point for processing.

The purpose of IGT is to be able to identify the location of any specific garment during the lifecycle of the sales order. This facility can be used to track whole Sales Orders or only items on Sales Orders and is used to make sure that all items that leave one location, do arrive at the intended destination, warning you as a business owner if this is not the case, you can then act immediately and not try to find a missing order weeks later when the client comes to collect and informs you of their loss; in the case that you have misplacced an item, IGT can also assist in finding missing items by providing you with a tracking log up to the last point that the item was handled. Garment tracking will primarily be undertaken after the garment has been receipted into i-laundry and is to be moved outside the laundry's physical controlled environment e.g. to outsourced vendor, to internal service provider, etc.

The tracking service will allow all i-Laundry users to identify/track a specific item but also has the benefit of co-ordinating workflow between i-laundry instances (i.e. internal service providers such as other outlets & factory) as well as between an i-Laundry instance and an outsource vendor.

The tracking service is based on the garment tag record and all dispatch notes which may cause the tag to change location. When a tag is related to a dispatch note and the garment has been physically dispatched to a different location, the dispatching process will result in the tag record changing its current location to the location of the dispatch destination. The dispatch note is in effect a listing of tags destined for a specific location.

Due to the fact that the tagging and dispatch information is centralised, via an i-Laundry provided centralised data service, the receiving factory or outsource vendor will be able to confirm the receipt of the dispatched item, on condition that they have online access to that facility.

These garment items will be processed and then either returned to the original laundry location or could be passed on to another service provider for additional processing e.g. first to a tailor for repair and then to a centralised leather processing factory. With each dispatch note creation and receiving process step the centralised tag record is updated reflecting the current location of the tagged item. This updating will continue until the tag is returned to the original laundry location.