Temporarily change a customer's profile

Step 1: Log In

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the Log In button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted.

Step 2: Drop-off

2.1. On the main screen, search for the customer that is dropping off by typing their name or telephone number in the search box.

2.2. Select the Drop-off button.

Step 3: Change Customer Profile

3.1. On the drop-off screen, click the Change Profile button.

3.2. Select a profile from the dropdown list.

3.3. Select the Done button.

Step 4: Create Order

4.1. Select the Service Type for the item being dropped off.

4.2. Select the Service Item Group.

4.3. Select the Service Item Type.

Step 5: Exit

5.1. Select Done.

5.2. Select a date & time for collection and select Done. ( The date is automatically set to the default turn-around-time of the services added.)