Add / Edit a Service Item

Step 1: System Admin

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the System Admin button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted.

Step 2: Add a Service Item

2.1. On the left menu, select Services & Products

2.2. Select Service Item

2.3. Select Add Item at the top of the screen

2.4. Select a Service Type from the drop down next to Service.

2.5. Select a Service Item Group from the drop down next to Item Group.

2.6. Select a Service Item Type from the drop down next to Item.

2.7. If required to always insert such, select a release form from the drop down next to Release Form.

2.8. If it is different from the standard turnaround time for this service type, type the new time in hours for this item. (Turnaround times will always use the value from the service type setup unless you specify a different time here, then it will use this value to calculate the default Collection time.)

2.9. If this is a weighted service item, select the option bit to Prompt Weight.

2.10. If you would like to have this item prompt the user for input every time it is used, select the option bit to Prompt Memo.

2.11. Select the Active option to make this service type usable. (by default, it should be active)

2.12. Type in the number of items that this service item consists of; this is used to print the correct number of wash tags.

2.13. Select Save and Add and repeat the steps above to add more service items. Alternatively, select Save and Close.

Step 3: Edit Service Item

3.1. Search for the item you wish to alter.

3.2. Once it is highlighted, select Edit Item. (Tip: When editing an item, after you have searched for and found the item you wish to edit, you can double click to edit it)

3.3. Make the necessary changes.

3.4. Select the Save and Close button

3.5. Select Exit Admin to return to the i-Laundry shell