Create a new customer

Step 1: Log In

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the Log In button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted.

Step 2: Add New Customer

2.1. On the main screen, click the Add Client button

2.2. Select a Title and complete the required First Name, Surname and Mobile fields. (Land Line and Email fields are optional)

2.3. Select the Active option to make this customer usable. (By default, it should be active)

2.4. To enable Loyalty, click on the No button in the loyalty field and enter a loyalty number. (A monthly statement of the customer's loyalty will be sent via email).

2.5. Enable collection notifications by clicking on the No button. Enter a mobile number in the SMS No field to send an SMS or provide an email address to send an email complete the Text to Mobile field e.g. [email protected]

2.6. Complete the Profile Details by selecting the credit risk from the Credit Risk dropdown list e.g. Cash on Delivery. Select the Tax Exempt option bit if the customer is tax-exempt and select a profile from the Profile dropdown list e.g. Retail Customer.

2.7. To enable collection and delivery, click on the No button next to Collection Run and complete the address fields. (See the related article on how to add a collection run)

Step 3: Exit

3.1. Once all information is entered, Select Save and Addand repeat the steps above to add more customer. Alternatively, select Save and Close to proceed to the Drop-Off screen.