Add a Service Attribute Type

Step 1: System Admin

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the System Admin button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted.

Step 2: Add a Service Attribute Type

2.1. On the left menu, select Services & Products

2.2. Select Service Attribute Type

2.3. Select Add Item at the top of the screen

2.4. Enter a description of the attribute type next to Description

2.5. Enter a number between 1 and 5 next to display order. 1 will display this attribute type at the top of the service attribute section in the drop-off screen and 5 will display this attribute at the bottom.

2.6. Select the Active option to make this attribute type active (By default, it should be active)

2.7. Select Save and Close and repeat the steps above toadd more attribute types. Alternatively, select Save and Close

Step 3: Edit Service Attribute Type

3.1. Search for the attribute type you wish to alter

3.2. Once it is highlighted, select Edit Item (Tip: When editing an attribute type, after you have searched for and found the item you wish to edit, double-click to edit it)

3.3. Make the neccessary changes

3.4. Select Save and Close.