Add a Service Attribute

Step 1: System Admin

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the System Admin button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted

Step 2: Add a Service Attribute

2.1. On the left menu, select Services & Products

2.2. Select Service Attribute

2.3. Select Add Item at the top of the screen

2.4. Select an Attribute Type from the drop-down list e.g Brand

2.5. Provide a brand name in the description field e.g Fabiani

2.6. To add an upcharge for this service attribute, enter an amount in the Upcharge field

2.7. If required to always insert such, release from from the drop-down list next to Release Form

2.8. Select the Active option to make this service type usable (By default, it should be selected)

2.9. If you would like to have this item prompt the user for input evry time it is used, select the option bit to Prompt Memo

2.10. Select Save and Add and repeat the steps above toadd more service items. Alternatively, select Save and Close

Step 3: Edit Service Attribute

3.1. Search for the attribute you wish to alter

3.2. Once it is highlighted, select Edit Item. (Tip: When editing an item, after you have searched for and found the item you wish to edit, you can double-click to edit it)

3.3. Make the neccessary changes

3.4. Select Save and Close