Change the price of a Service Item

Step 1: System Admin

1.1. From the i-Laundry shell, select the System Admin button.

1.2. Type your PIN or use your finger when prompted.

Step 2: Edit a Service Item's Price

2.1. On the left menu, select Services & Products

2.2. Select Service - Assign To Customer Profile

2.3. Select the service item you wish to edit

2.4. Once it is highlighted, select Edit Item at the top of the screen. (Tip: When editing an item, after you have searched for and found the item you wish to edit, you can double click to edit it)

2.5. Change the amount of the item in the Price field

Step 3: Exit

3.1. Select the Save and Close button

3.2. Select Exit Admin to return to the i-Laundry shell