Texcare Laundry & Dry-cleaning Specialist

iLaundry has completely changed the way we do business, it has sped up our business by giving us the ability to process orders faster, and for the 1st time, onsite at our hotel clients and then track the individual garments back to the cleaners and on throughout the entire cycle until it is eventually delivered back to the hotel, thereby eliminating costs to our business through high labour bills and losses as a result of subsequent claim pay-outs. iLaundry is the most customisable system I have ever worked on and what I truly liked about it, is the way the system is made to work around your business and not by you having to adapt your business model to suit the system as is the case with all other systems I have worked on in the past.

I truly recommend iLaundry to any cleaner that is serious about the way they run their business.

- Lizelle Parsons; owner & operator of Texcare

Levingers Dry-clean & Shoe clinic

Running a multi-store, multi-faceted business is not easy, as there are so many things that need to be considered and so many aspects of the business that needs to be watched; iLaundry has however simplified this and made it an absolute dream to do. With the ability to finally do proper inter-branch tracking of garments and counter stock, we no longer have any issues vis-à-vis loss of garments while in our care and can truly monitor and account for all stock in our business. The online centralisation of our 60 stores with our head office server and integration into our accounting package makes iLaundry a pleasure to use and one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful tool in our business, as it saves us money through the elimination of theft and claim pay-outs.

I cannot imagine how anyone running a multi-store dry-cleaning group can be doing it properly without iLaundry, and I honestly recommend that if this is you that you look into using iLaundry and the benefits it offers large corporate businesses like ours.

- Shepherd Viririr; general manager for Levingers

Illovo Dry Cleaners

We are extremely happy with i-Laundry. The system is an extremely powerful software package which we found easy to get started with. We continue to be impressed with the responsiveness of the tech support team. The service we receive from the them online and telephonically is friendly, professional, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient.

It is rare to find such expertise in Technical Support. Interaction with them is always a pleasure. This plays a big role in our decision to use the software instead of competing software.

- Louis Yiallouris; Co-Owner of Illovo Dry Cleaners

Windhoek Dry Cleaners

Moving from a manual system to an automated system for our dry cleaning and laundry was long overdue. Having done some ‘google’ research; amongst others, we came across i-Laundry. It has certainly lived up to our expectations.

All kudos must go to Peter Parsons for his tremendous – cross-border (Namibia : South Africa) support to us.

- Wendy Adams; Operator of Windhoek Dry Cleaners

Why Choose iLaundry?

The learning curve for your employees is very small and within in a few short hours, most employees will have a good foundation for the basics. Then over time they will easily build on that knowledge and require little if any assistance, that usually only takes a couple of weeks. To be honest, after a month, phone calls from our customers are few and far between...

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