About iLaundry

Founded in 2005 in Cape Town, South Africa the purpose of i-Laundry was and still is to provide any laundry, tailor or shoe repair business, no matter what the size or complexity with the peace of mind through the correct tools that has the capability to digitise their business.

The goal when we developed our software was to streamline our client's operations in such a way that they can serve their customers more efficiently and effectively while at the same time giving the business owner an accurate record of their business transactions, preventing losses through the enhanced, built-in security features.

i-Laundry's approach to problem-solving in the Dry-cleaning and Textile industry has won great reviews from its clients and has established it as a leading innovator. To this end, i-Laundry will continue to develop and provide a ‘Simply Better POS’ by ensuring the highest quality artistry and support of its products in the years to come.

With almost 20 years of combined experience in both the laundry and IT industries, as the developers of i-Laundry, we have built a scalable solution that is equally effective for a single store owner, a multi-store environment, franchise or enterprise facility that specialises in corporate and hotel clients.

i-Laundry is the only system on the market today that was developed by people from the laundry industry and is still used by them on a daily basis in one of the largest commercial laundries in South Africa.

iLaundry's Mission

Be the Point of Sale vendor of choice to the laundry & dry-cleaning industry.

iLaundry's Vision

Empower people with a system on every counter in every dry-cleaner in the world.

iLaundry's Values

  • To be Unashamedly Ethical in all aspects of our business
  • To supply best possible solution
  • To listen to clients
  • To be honest, hard working & competent
  • To supply reliable, cost effective solutions


With the ability to finally do proper inter-branch tracking of garments and counter stock, we no longer have any issues vis-à-vis loss of garments while in our care and can truly monitor and account for all stock in our business.

- Shepherd (Levingers)

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